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LTC's Foundation:
It all started some crazy afternoon in a high school in suburbia. At lunch time, five (Kay, Cleo, Mer, Bean, and Lala.) freaked out freshmen grouped together and claimed a table as their very own. As time passed they became better friends and the Lunch Table Club was established instead. Pulling a few of their other friends into the mix, the group began to socialize together outside of the lunch room and decided to expand their club empire. The quickest way for that was on the internet! With a webpage in place, there were many people from all over lurking and joining the little club. But as with any people in high school, the group drifted and eventually disbanded.

But after a night of little sleep I, Kay, an original founder, has decided that the LTC should be revived. Of course it's been an idea nagging at the back of my brain as some people have been asking about what happened to it all summer.

Holidays Observed: (this doesn't mean you can use it as an excuse to get out of classes/school)
Ruth & Coby Day I - April 3
Day of Silence
Anniverary of LTC - Sept. 6
Sept. 11 Vigil - Sept. 11
Ruth & Coby Day II - Oct. 3
Winter Holidays
New Years - Dec. 31
more to be added as time goes on.

Rules for the Playground:
LTC is a place to post art, stories, poetry, ask questions pertaining to homework help, and random topics of discussion.
please include the following-
For the art, stories, and poetry posts:
Title: can be untitled
Genre: Art, Story, Poem, Photography, CG...
Medium: what used? CG, pencil, charcoal, etc...for art only!
Fandom: is it original or Fandom related?
Disclaimers: if it's based from a fandom, please include this! liability issues!
Warnings/Rating: is it graphic? Violent? Sappy? maybe include a rating
these entries also need to be behind an LJ cut, so they don't take up alot of space and forever to load the page.
Here are the codes for you if you don't know them: Replace italics with your own text.

<lj-cut text="insert a title here if you wish too">insert whatever your piece is. </lj-cut>
this is to prevent spoilers for any fandoms as well as censor some of the material posted for those who may not wish to see a picture that is graphic.

Here are a few more tutorials: more added as the need arises
1. how to post, bold, italic, underline, & combinations

For the Movieholics:
Any questions pertaining to movies should be placed under a cut as well. Provide the movie title then the cut.

For Bookworms:
Same with movies, but provide the title and the author.

For Icons:
One icon can be posted without a cut, but if you have more then one then please place the rest behind a cut. If they are orignial then state that they are yours and free to share, with credit if you want it. If they are from someplace else, credit where from so people can find the original creator if they want.

Be kind and courteaous.

If you are able to abide by these Rules then please join and be part of our amusement!
If there is a failure to abide you will be asked to leave and I will have moderate it closer!

Welcome to the LTC!!!

Please feel free to take them and add them to your page!

Here are the codes.