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01. anyone excited about a tv show, movie or book coming out soon? season premieres are coming up for the major networks.
i'm excited about:

TV shows:
I'm excited about nearly 800 shows. What is that? I never thought I was a big TV watcher, but apparently I was wrong.

Jack & Bobby was the one new show I was looking forward to the most. It's really neat because it starts out with someone from the year 2039 talking about the president, and then it'll go back to 2004 and show what he was like growing up. I know I definitely did not do this justice and probably made it sound lame, but I think it's an interesting concept. I just don't know how it can last past the first season, but we'll see.

Also I'm really looking forward to the spin off of the Practice. My mom and I really got into The Practice last season and that was sad because then it ended. But the new one is with James Spader's character, and he was the part that I loved most about The Practice. Plus, William Shatner is in it. Haha.

Over the summer there were about 15 movies I wanted to see and I only got to see two :(. But now, I'm not so much excited for any of the new ones. Well..that I know of at least.

The books I'm excited for aren't necessarily new, but just ones I haven't gotten to yet. Alice Hoffmans' Blackbird House. There's also a book that I want to say is called The Perfect American (But I could be wrong on this) and is about Walt Disney, and it looks really good  because it tells about how much of a jerk he was.

Also, about 2 years ago, I think, a book called 1471 came out, and it speculates that the Chinese possibly discovered America before Columbus did. Which is a really amazing claim. I'd like to see why the author thinks this.

My godmother is sending my mom Kitty Kelley's The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty and I'm definitely going to steal that after my mom reads it.

02. the hardest class you've taken so far? International Relations. And it really shouldnt have been so hard. If we had a lecture that lasted more than 15 minutes, I feel I would have done better. But because we screwed around and talked about things going on in the world, it also made IR one of my favorite classes. So...

03. gotten any good cds lately?
The last CD's I bought were Less Than Jakes "B is for B-sides" and Fall Out Boys "My Heart Will Always Be the B-side to My Tounge" which are both amazing CDs. But mostly because I'm incredibly emo. But Green Day's new CD is coming out tomorrow, which I am looking forward to (but probably won't buy for a long time) and I want to get the Rock Agaisnt Bush compilations, because I don't like Bush and I do like punk.

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