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Title: Project I did for class
Medium: xeroxography, collage, magazine lift, and heat transfer, not lazertran.
Warnings: depicts drugs!

This was from my "Non-Darkroom Processes class." The instructions were to use two different processes, so I made a xerography and lazertraned it onto the frames. Then did a magazine lift for the inside part. Basically what you do is you paint about ten layers of acrylic medium onto a magazine picture, then soak the paper off. The ink stays in the acrylic medium. It makes it kind of translucent and such. It turned out kind of interesting so I thought I'd share. The drugs that I xeroxed are all my family's, and it's not even a third of what's in our medicine cabinet. There are two anti-depressents and an anti-psychotic pictured. Happy Family!

p.s. someone else needs to to post pictures here so I stop feeling dumb.

p.p.s. I AM WRONG. That's heat transfer not lazertran on the frames. I feel reall dumb now.
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