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I was supposed to write an essay for my women’s studies class about what feminism meant to me. I wrote it about scouts, football, and PE classes. Now, a week later, I have something much more important. To me, feminism is being able to work in an environment that isn’t dangerous or sexual; to be able to live without fear of being attacked because I am a girl. Thanks to a real life incident that thank the lord wasn’t worse than what it was, I have a much broader definition of feminism.

Bodies getting nearer
Fingering the hair,
lightly rubbing the shoulders…
I want to say something,
But I do not.

I want to jump up,
Slap you,
Run away,
And yet, I stay seated.

My mind races,
My body tenses,
And you take no notice
Of the obvious discomfort
I know I am showing.

I retreat into myself
I hide from you,
From the world.
I’m locked inside my head…
If only I can get get out.

I want to jump up,
Slap you,
Run away,
And yet, I stay seated.

What seems like ages pass,
Your phone rings,
But you don’t move
You are called to leave,
But you don’t…not yet.

You stay close by,
Hovering over me,
Like a hawk looking for prey.
You move slowly,
Like you don’t want to go.

Thankfully, you do.
I sit entombed within myself
And wonder what I did wrong,
Who do I call?
What should I say?

I walk away from the place
I will have nightmares about.
You don’t know,
I don’t know,
I will never be back.

I took a stand,
I won’t return.
It was wrong,
You should know better,
And now so do I.
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